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Why Ethertext?

One-Click Wonders

One click and your text transforms from good to great.

Customize Your Way

Choose the tone and style that fits your needs. Make your text yours.

Code Like a Pro

Explain, debug, or translate code snippets with laser precision.

Memorize and Recall

Let Ethertext memorize your text for later recall.

Using Ethertext is simple

1. ⌘C: Copy

Copy your source text to your clipboard with ⌘C.

2. Click: Transform

Pick a transform from the dropdown from any of the Ethertext options.

3. ⌘V: Paste

After the beep, paste your text with ⌘V.

⌘⇧T: Clean text

Or, fix your selected text in one-shot with ⌘-shift-T.

⌘⇧M: Memorize

Memorize text or webpages with ⌘-shift-M.

⌘⇧D: Dictate

Record, transcribe and memorize your voice with ⌘-shift-D.

⌘⇧S: Capture screen

Take a screenshot and memorize the text on the screen with ⌘-shift-S.

⌘⇧R: Recall

Recall your past text with ⌘-shift-R and ask.

Add your OpenAI, Google Gemini, or Anthropic key

In Settings, add your keys from:

Ollama support for local AI

Install Ollama and download some AI models, then enable Ollama support in Settings and pick your favorite. It's super quick with brew install ollama; ollama pull llama2 to get started if you're using Homebrew.

Ready to Elevate Your Clipboard?

Download Ethertext today and start transforming your text!

Download Ethertext for macOS 13+
Ethertext menu
The menu bar with list of prompts
Ethertext Q&A prompt window
Q&A prompt - Apply the prompts to your text
Ethertext memorize window
Memorize text for later recall
Ethertext dictate window
Dictate and transcribe text for later recall
Ethertext recall window
Recall text with AI assistance
Ethertext general settings window
Settings - Shortcuts and general
Ethertext model settings window
Settings - Pick your model quality and creativity level
Ethertext tokens settings window
Settings - Add your API tokens
Ethertext ollama settings window
Settings - Configure and test an Ollama model
Ethertext prompts settings window
Settings - Add your own prompts

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1.10 Quick and Mini (7/18/24)

Added OpenAI model: GPT 4o mini, which is the new default. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

1.9 The Next Top Models (6/22/24)

Added Anthropic Claude models: Opus, Sonnet, Claude. Added OpenAI model: GPT 4o. Added and updated Google Gemini models: 1.5 Pro, 1.5 Flash, 1.0 Pro. Added speaking style: "Talk like Gen Z."

1.8 Look at Me Now! (2/19/24)

Added Vision: take a screenshot and Ethertext will transcribe and remember, using Apple's local Vision model. Added Apple Audio model: using Apple's local Audio model is fast and free.

1.7 Talk to Me! (2/18/24)

Added Dictation: record your voice and Ethertext will transcribe and remember. Added embedding models: recall is vastly improved using OpenAI or Ollama for embeddings. Updated to latest OpenAI model versions (gpt-4-32k, gpt-4-0125-preview, gpt-3.5-turbo-0125). Prompts: "Improve text" grammar transforms optimized.

1.6 Creativity & Recency (1/30/24)

Added creativity (LLM temperature) setting. Added recent Q&A list. Added shortcut menu hints.

1.5 Shortcuts & Local Ollama (1/28/24)

Added Keyboard Shortcuts: you can now use commmand-shift-t to clean selected text in any app, or for quick-open memorize and recall. Added Ollama support: use a local model like llama2, Falcon, or Mixtral to transform text. Added latest GPT4 turbo model (gpt-4-turbo-preview) from Jan 25. New prompts: make efficient code, translate code to Javascript, and more/less formal text.

1.4 Memory (1/4/24)

Added Memory: you can now have Ethertext memorize and recall text for you. Added support for Google Gemini. Updated app icon to be rounded. New prompts: ELI4, add hype, and tone down.

1.3 Q&A (11/18/23)

Added Q&A: you can now edit your input to the prompts. Added Start at Login. Combined settings page includes version-checking about page.

1.2 Model Switching (11/6/23)

Added support for switching models to GPT4 Turbo Preview (released today), GPT4, GPT3.5 Turbo (new default), or DaVinci 003.

1.1 First Feedback (11/5/23)

Added custom prompt to settings. Made updating the API key not require a restart.

1.0 Initial release (10/29/23)

Download Ethertext for macOS 13+
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